CarlsonCast Nov26--8am hour

Apple Cup Marching band tribute KOMO .jpg
After one of several buses carrying UW marching band members crashed before the Apple Cup, causing some minor injuries that prevented the band from reaching Pullman WA to perform at the Friday rivalry football game, the WSU marching band performed a pre-game tribute to the absent UW band. (photo: KOMO News).{ }

8am hour -- praise for WSU after some from the UW marching band are injured in Thanksgiving night bus ride to Apple Cup, new movie shows the beginning of the politicians' personal lives being open game for political division, Bill Gates wants you to know what Silicon Valley is all about, a Seattle anti-Trump group is propagandizing yesterday's Tiajuana border confrontation with illegal immigrant caravan, the left-wing dishonesty related to the illegal immigrant caravan and illegal immigration in general, NJ college students are asked what restaurant they want on campus but administrators reject their answer,

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