CarlsonCast Nov27--7am hour

KVI's John Carlson digs into the politically correct response a private New Jersey university pulled on students after asking them to list what fast food franchise they'd like to see located in a new campus food court area. (photo: AP)

7am hour -- a NJ private university pulls a 180 after asking students what restaurant they'd like to be at the school's food court, some revealing new data on the oft-distorted 'gender pay gap' issue, happy birthday Jimi Hendrix, by a 5-1 vote a nativity scene will now return to a Gig Harbor WA park, GUEST: Gig Harbor resident, John Skansi, organized the effort to persuade the city council the Northshore School District (Bothell WA) declined to speak on KVI about their "decolonizing Thanksgiving" letter, the immigrant caravan proved CNN's Jim Acosta to be 100% fake news based on his confrontation with Pres. Trump, an MSNBC reporter says caravan is mostly men who are not seeking asylum.

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