CarlsonCast Nov27--8am hour

odometer for pay per mile XS.jpg
Get ready for the reality of a new statewide 'pay per mile' tax in Washington to replace the gas tax. (photo: KOMO News)

8am hour -- as GM slashes its work force its also shutting down Chevy Volt production due to weak demand, GUEST: WPC's Mariya Frost says get ready for a bumpy (and politically charged) ride with the looming switch from a state gas tax to the 'pay per mile' tax (road usage charge/fee), the 'pay per mile' tax could get siphoned off for non-highway/road projects, San Diego border patrol chief asks the $million question about the immigrant caravan so-called asylum seekers who threw rocks to attack US agents two days ago, Replay: Climate report interview with climatologist Patrick J Michaels.

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