CarlsonCast Nov29--7am hour

Michael avenatti podium courthouse AP126.jpg
Famous client Stormy Daniels unleashes variety of new claims against her attorney, Michael Avenatti, seen here In this{ } 2018 file photo, KVI's John Carlson sifts through the latest allegations against Avenatti.{ } (AP Photo/Richard Vogel,File)

7am hour -- Michael Avenatti and Stormy Daniels update, Daniels making a whole new slew of allegations against Avenatti, "I don't want to hurt Michael but I want to set the record straight", Carlson's latest column can be read here, did Congresswoman-elect Kim Schrier just fall into "The Swamp"? Tacoma woman identifies home invasion robber as a homeless man living in her basement, WSU football coach Mike Leach wants to teach a seminar class that John Carlson would like to attend,

Carlson opines about how to appeal to WA voters, Senator Marco Rubio tracks the money for Trump's border wall.

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