CarlsonCast Nov30--6am hour

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The Seattle Times reports the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) has a new plan for its $930 million levy — the largest in city history — which promised more than it could deliver before voters approved it in 2015. KVI's John Carlson digs into the problems with SDOT and the levy, like how they handled bike lanes in the city. (photo: KOMO News){>}{ }

6am hour -- Carlson downplays the on-going news media hype about latest guilty plea from Michael Cohen, CNN fires an analyst/contributor over his public comments about Israel being reduced to the 1967 border to create a Palestinian state,

Seattle's utter failure on the nearly $1 billion transportation levy, Seattle admits its unable to finish a bunch of promised projects in the levy, Seattle showed its foolish bias toward bikes with these spending problems even as bike ridership in the city is waning.

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