CarlsonCast Nov5--8am hour

Dan Crenshaw per SNL fiasco AP18.jpg
Republican congressional candidate Dan Crenshaw reacts to the crowd with his wife, Tara, in this 2018 file photo.{ } Crenshaw is speaking out after “Saturday Night Live” comic Pete Davidson attempted a joke about the eyepatch he wears because he was badly wounded during his third tour in Afghanistan as a Navy SEAL. (Mark Mulligan/Houston Chronicle via AP, File)

8am hour -- a rising Democratic Party political star runs into trouble talking about gun control/confiscation, KVI caller disagrees with I-1631 carbon fuel tax and climate alarmist tactics, let's examine a "vote no on I-940" campaign ad,

a Seattle mother is stabbed to death by an ex-boyfriend who she had a restraining order against and the attack happened near one of the busiest tourist spots in the city, KVI listeners are invited to this weekend's Auburn Veteran's Day Parade to see John Carlson and Kirby Wilbur, SNL catching heat for attempted comedy bit involving a disabled/wounded US military vet injured in Afghanistan.

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