CarlsonCast Nov6--7am hour

Down to the wire for the Washington 8th District Congressional race between Dr. Kim Schrier (left) and veteran state lawmaker, Dino Rossi (right). KVI's John Carlson interviews Rossi about his final efforts to convince voters in one of the closest Congressional campaigns in America. (photo: KOMO News).{ }

7am hour -- GUEST: Republican Congressional candidate, Dino Rossi (8th District vs. Kim Schrier) urges people to double-checkyour family and friends are voting, why Rossi thinks encouraging competition produces better health care coverage than a government take-over, WaPo columnist claims attack ad on Dr. Kim Schrier is anti-Semitic, pro-athletes are caught on video berating their coach(es), a Michigan newspaper reporter is caught on a VM showing her liberal bias, the group is opposing I-940 and the portrayal of Charleena Lyles's case in the campaign's ad, Trump shows some candor about his verbal/political tone that liberal critics always complain about.

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