CarlsonCast Oct. 25--6am hour

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The Washington Post reports that Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign financed an investigation into compiling a "Russia dossier" in an effort to impugn Donald Trump. The stunning story is an abrupt twist in the previous political narrative that it was Trump who was colluding with Russia. KVI's John Carlson interviews election watchdog John Fund about this devastating report on Clinton. (photo: YouTube screen grab).{ }

6:04am -- GUEST: National Review's John Fund expertly assess the implications for Hillary Clinton after report of her campaign funding Trump dossier on Russia smear, GUEST: Vietnam Veteran and supporter of the King County Veterans & Seniors levy (Prop 1. on your Nov. 2017 ballot), Dave Waggoner; supporting the $354 million property tax hike (levy) in King County for veterans, elderly and homeless, this Prop. 1 vote is a $354 million property tax hike over King County for the next six years at a time when everyone is complaining about making housing more affordable.

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