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I-1631 Jane Fonda appearance Seattle PI 920x920.jpg
I-1631 would raise a variety of taxes in Washington on carbon fuel like gasoline, natural gas and home heating oil in order to fight climate change. Activists like, actress Jane Fonda who made this Seattle appearance on September 12th, 2018, support the higher taxes to pay for clean energy jobs. The Ironworkers Local 86 in the Seattle area are opposed to I-1631 because of its detrimental impact on family wage jobs. (photo: GENNA MARTIN,{ }

7am hour -- Microsoft's Bill Gates endorses the backdoor gas tax known as I-1631, Bill Gates and other (mil-) billionaires can afford the cost of I-1631 but most working class can't, the problem with the I-1631 sweetheart ballot title as secured by WA A.G. Bob Ferguson, long time Republican elected official in Pierce Co. drops the F-bomb at a public meeting aimed at her own son, Skagit Co. woman organizes drug needle clean up when local officials won't,

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