CarlsonCast Oct11--7am hour

Dino Rossi primary night 2018 AP65.jpg
Republican Congressional candidate in Washington's 8th District, Dino Rossi, has a 10-point lead over his Democratic Party challenger Dr. Kim Schrier, according to a new poll. Rossi is pictured here on primary election night, Tuesday, Aug. 7, 2018. (Dean Rutz/The Seattle Times via AP)

7am hour -- good news for Republican Congressional candidate Dino Rossi and it revolves around the backlash to the Democrats' tactics over Kavanaugh confirmation, Republican momentum is gaining nationally after character assassination attempt against Kavanaugh confirmation, a dog carcass found near Nisqually River north of Lacey is not connected to string of 12+ cat mutilations, CIA security contractor who fought back and survived Benghazi Libya 2012 attack has some choice words for Hillary Clinton, Carlson says he's shocked by the new poll just released involving the Congressional race between Dino Rossi and Dr. Kim Schrier, disturbing trend involving child abuse and opiods .

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