CarlsonCast Oct11--8am hour

no head tax sawant iron workers KOMO construction_01.jpg
Ironworkers famously confronted{ } Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant over her plan to impose an employee head tax. Now Ironworkers are speaking up to oppose the carbon fuel tax plan known as I-1631. (KOMO Photo)

8:04am -- GUEST: Ironworkers union Local 86 district council president, Steve Pendergrass, explains why their labor union opposes I-1631 which would raise taxes, if approved on the November ballot, for gasoline, natural gas, home heating oil and other forms of carbon energy, a recap of the Eric Holder "kick them" comment and reaction from Senator Lindsey Graham, GUEST: OSPI Chris Reykdal explains why he wants the state to implement a capital gains tax rather than rely on property taxes to pay for more education spending.

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