CarlsonCast Oct.12--7am hour

Bedlam Coffee shop proprietor Ben Borgman WA Times6.jpg
The co-owner of Bedlam Coffee, Ben Borgman (middle), is captured on video kicking out customers from his establishment after a discussion about abortion and homosexuality as sinful behavior. Borgman says he his gay and the customers he kicked out were against abortion and homosexuality. (photo: screen grab from Facebook). 

7:05 -- GUEST: organizer/activist with Abolish Human Abortion, Caleb Head (from Houston), was kicked out of a Seattle coffee house over his group's support of ending abortion, the case is spurring legal questions akin to the WA A.G.'s legal crusade against a Richland, WA flower shop owner who denied service to a customer over a gay wedding, one of Harvey Weinstein's sexual harassment victims has just been temporarily kicked-off Twitter for something she posted, GUEST: WPC's Todd Myers explains how Gov. Inslee is not the climate leader he purports to be.

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