CarlsonCast Oct24--6am hour

bombs sent to Clintons Obamas CNN Tweet grab 3V.jpg
bombs sent to Clintons Obamas CNN Tweet grab 3V.jpg

6am hour -- Kirby in for Carlson...Tukwila push for red light cameras shows a fundamental disconnect about creating safer streets in south King County, a Mukilteo murder investigation involving an 18 year old's brutal actions begs the question about his juvenile crime record,

BREAKING: U.S. Secret Service says agents intercepted packages containing "possible explosive devices" addressed to former President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

GUEST: Heritage Foundation fellow Peter Brookes on Trump Administration possibly withdrawing from nuclear missile treaty with Russia (because Russians are already violating it), Chinese military might also has a role in this INF treaty, a city in Michigan will ban clown costumes for Halloween which leads to some unintentional comedy, KVI's Lars Larson has uncovered a deceitful plot to smear a conservative Oregon judge.

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