CarlsonCast Oct24--7am hour

bob ferguson and Inslee AP or KOMO.jpg
Washington AG, Bob Ferguson (right) and Gov. Jay Inslee (left) along with other statewide elected officials could be rewarded with hefty pay raises{ } based on a proposal the Washington Citizens' Commission on Salaries for Elected Officials is considering. The salary commission is made up almost exclusively of Democratic Party leaning members including the husband of a Washington Supreme Court justice who would stand to receive an 18.5% pay raise if its ultimately approved by the commission. (photo: AP)

7am hour -- Kirby in for Carlson...more updates on the central American immigrant caravan, History Mystery includes the unknown soldier, the creation of the U.N., James Brown's most iconic album, a female pioneer for (extreme sports) stunts,

GUEST: Tim Eyman unveils a new plan to block possible pay raises for WA statewide elected officials, the salary commission pondering this 18% pay raise for some salaries is made up almost exclusively of Democrats, in 2005 then Sen. Barack Obama sounded exactly like current day Donald Trump when it comes to illegal immigration and border security.

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