CarlsonCast Oct25--6am hour

bombs NY and NYC discovered CNN tweet AP1.jpg
This screen grab shows the explosive device that was delivered to CNN New York headquarters on Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2018. Officials said the device was being tested to see if it was dangerous. (CNN Twitter Account via AP)

6am hour-- Kirby in for Carlson...Kirby responds to a liberal listener who criticized Kirby over the plethora of bomb devices discovered yesterday by Secret Service, the impulse for political partisans to assail opponents on this bomb scare to fit their narrative, the day before these bomb-like devices were discovered the NYT posted a fictional story of an assassination plot against Pres. Trump (how's that for political civility), Kshama Sawant celebrating the 100 year anniversary of Russian London, fake bombs and fake news, KVI's Lars Larson does the math on a new $3 million proposal for homeless people by a Seattle city councilwoman.

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