CarlsonCast Oct29--7am hour

Pittsburgh Synagogue mass murder steel PIXLR.jpg
Mourners are sharing this graphic in the wake of the Pittsburgh Tree of Life synagogue mass murder to commemorate the 11 worshipers killed, the 6 others wounded and the steel making legacy of Pittsburgh's resilient residents. (photo: KOMO News)

7am hour -- Carlson's back and recaps a couple stories happening when he was not on the air (illegal immigrant caravan), the Rabbi from the Tree of Life synagogue describes the mass murder in Pittsburgh and how he tried to help worshipers who were shot,

Def. Secretary Jim Mattis's blunt response to Pittsburgh synagogue anti-Semitic murderer, anti-Semitism comes from three directions in America, Alan Dershowitz response to synagogue shooting, KVI callers sound off on the anti-Semitic hate exhibited in the Pittsburgh synagogue mass murder.

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