CarlsonCast Oct.6--6am hour

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A former Wall Street Journal columnist now at the NY Times, Bret Stephens, declares that to stop mass murder shootings like Las Vegas and Orlando that the 2nd Amendment must be repealed. KVI's John Carlson analyzes Stephens' reasoning and then KVI listeners share their reaction to the possibility of such a drastic change to the US Constitution. (photo: WikiCommons)

6am hour -- former WSJ and current NYT columnist Bret Stephens writes that the 2nd Amendment should be abolished and its guaranteeing mass murder shootings in America, Trump's "calm before the storm" cryptic message, KVI callers tee off on the Bret Stephens suggestion to abolish the 2nd Amendment, speaking of guns: a 13 yr old Everett WA boy now charged with 2nd degree murder and police think he got the gun from a 12 yr old, the biggest gun control advocates only seem to know about guns from what they see in movies, KVI's Lars Larson talks about the realities of muzzle suppressors.

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