CarlsonCast Oct9--7am hour

A report from says the domestic violence-related charges against a thrice-arrested former Bellevue cop pictured here,{ }John Kivlin 48, were dismissed Monday.{ } Kivlin's{ } accuser fabricated evidence and destroyed her credibility, according to the King County Prosecutor's Office. (photo: KOMO News)

7am hour -- finally learning (criminal) background of driver who survived and four passengers who died in pick-up truck crash on Highway 518 in Tukwila, breaking News: UN Ambassador Nikki Haley decides to step down, new CNN poll says independent voters are more upset with Democrats than Republicans for how they handled Kavanaugh confirmation fiasco,

strangest story of the day from Kent WA involving a meat tenderizer and a DV dispute, charges dropped in Bellevue case against cop accused of DV and rape by a woman who investigators say fabricated part of the story, its not this woman's first fabricated rape allegation, Bellingham random violence attacker murders one person on jogging trail has history of violence in Texas,

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