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Dallas Police officer shoots man in wrong apartment family AP32.jpg
The mother of Botham Shem Jean hugs her son's friends following a prayer vigil for the man at the Dallas West Church of Christ on Saturday, Sept. 8, 2018 in Dallas. He was shot by a Dallas police officer in his apartment last Thursday night. The off-duty officer had apparently walked into Jean's apartment thinking it was hers and she fired her gun thinking he was an intruder.{ } She's now being charged with manslaughter for Jean's death. (Shaban Athuman/The Dallas Morning News via AP)

7am hour -- David Boze in for John Carlson: a calf born in Israel shows the Trump political disagreement as a sign of the apocalypse, the Bob Woodward book fits into this scenario, too; a college volley ball team protests their Nike sponsorship after Colin Kaepernick ad controversy, a female high school football kicker wins the game with a PAT in overtime and she was selected Homecoming Queen earlier in the day,

GUEST: ABC's Jim Ryan updates the story of an off-duty Dallas police officer who went into the wrong apartment and fatally shot a man.

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