CarlsonCast Sept.11--6am hour

Portland police arrest anti-FA people KATUrallyarrests.jpg
Seven people connected to a Portland, OR anti-FA protest are arrested after throwing objects at police  on Sunday September 10th, 2017. KVI's Lars Larson and John Carlson assess the connection and the ages of the anti-FA (aka Black Bloc) protesters who were arrested. (photo: KATU News).

6am hour--the WSU triple OT football game Saturday night was about as improbable (of) a comeback as you'll ever see, its the 16th anniversary of September 11th and our GUEST: former federal prosecutor -- Andrew McCarthy says there's a big difference in fighting terrorism now compared to 2001, KVI's Lars Larson dissects yesterday's arrests in Portland of anti-FA protesters who went after police, based on those arrested its starting to look like the anti-FA are older adults (not young or impulsive ideologues), measuring the current threat of global Islamist terrorism on the September 11th anniversary.

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