CarlsonCast Sept.11--7am hour

Sept 11 ABC anniversary graphic n.jpg
Honoring the lives and legacy of those murdered as well as the first responders who saved lives as they rushed to intercede  in the September 11th terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington D.C. (graphic credit: ABC News)

7am hour-- GUEST: US Congressman, Adam Smith, (House Armed Services committee member), talks about Sept.11th anniversary and are we safer from terrorism and attack threats?

the mug shots of the 7 anti-FA protesters arrested for throwing objects at police in Portland, OR have us wondering about the back-stories, an Oregon man is arrested in Vancouver, WA for trying to run his truck into a group of anti-FA protesters, GUEST: the activist group "Just Housing", spokesman Tye Gundel, wants Olympia WA to offer more housing to homeless people or allow them to camp in public on city property,

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