CarlsonCast Sept.12--6am hour

Bikini barista Everett KOMO gh.jpg
In this undated file photo from 2017, KOMO News reporter, Tammy Mutasa (R) interviews an Everett, WA bikini barista before the city imposed stricter dress codes. Now a group of baristas and a coffee stand owner are suing the city law saying the dress code requirements are violation of the First Amendment. (photo: KOMO News). 

6am hour -- Everett bikini baristas sue the city over newly enacted dress codes to cover-up the baristas, CNN's most notorious anti-Trump reporter gets dismantled by a Fox News host, a former White House official recounts many untold moments from what happened with Pres. Bush on Sept. 11th 2001, Tacoma wants to lure Amazon's new 2nd headquarters, making the case for Tacoma, we have some fun with last night's awkward moment on Monday Night Football with a new sideline reporter.

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