CarlsonCast Sept.12--7am hour

Betsy DeVos hearing name card KOMO AP.jpg
US Education Sec. Betsy DeVos is ramping up her efforts to reform Title XI which universities and some high schools are using as a kangaroo court, lacking due process, for accusations of sexual assault on campus. (photo: KOMO News). 

7:05am -- GUEST: St. Sen. Steve O'Ban (per Western St. Hospital trying to release a schizophrenic accused murderer who can't be brought to trial), another inspiring audio clip from US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis on the September 11th anniversary yesterday, an anti-FA meme depicting cruel intentions is inexplicably tweeted out by a Chelan County (Washington) account, a TX community college adjunct professor tweets out that he wants US Education Sec. to be sexually assaulted, Seattle officials begin a major homeless sweep underneath the Spokane Street Viaduct but it prompts the question of who the city is trying to help: business owners and residents or homeless people, some WA lawmakers in Olympia just pulled in thousands of dollars via a per diem loophole,

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