CarlsonCast Sept12--7am hour

Orca whales playing air time like Michael Jordan KOMO.jpg
An organic Seattle grocery store is virtue signalling with a new decision they're making in an attempt to help the health of Puget Sound Orca whales. KVI's John Carlson is compelled to comment. (photo: KOMO News).{ }

7am hour -- one of the Catholic cardinals from Seattle is going to the Vatican today regarding on-going clergy sex-abuse and cover-ups; an organic Seattle grocery store chain ignores science and info from experts in their P.R. attempt to help local Orca whales, $1 trillion in home real estate value sits in the path of Hurricane Florence, Maxine Waters vs. Obama campaign tactics for coming mid-term elections. GUEST: Tim Eyman talks about the legal/political effort by the State AG to impose fines on him for contempt.

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