CarlsonCast Sept.13--7am hour

KVI's John Carlson is building pressure on state officials to prevent a suspected killer at Western State Hospital from being released. Lawrence David Butterfield could potentially be released by state officials. He hasn't been  put on trial due to schizophrenia and mental health issues but he's in state mental health custody for killing a former roommate. (photo: KOMO News). 

7am hour -- Gov. Jay Inslee's staff criticizes the Republican State Senator who is trying to insure a schizophrenic accused killer doesn't get released, a KVI caller who is a doctor tells why he thinks the accused killer should remain at Western State, compare the affordable housing approach in Seattle to this one in Port Angeles, WA; where are the Black Lives Matter protesters and Seattle political establishment when it comes to the recent murder of this black man and father in South Seattle, we just figured out how ESPN's new media star Sergio Dipp got the MNF gig.

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