CarlsonCast Sept13--7am hour

Sea Tac new intl Terminal1.jpg
The Port of Seattle now says a new international terminal at SeaTac Airport will cost $960 million after a previous version of the project was allocated at $608 million. KVI's John Carlson grills Port Commssioner Peter Steinbrueck about why this airport terminal now costs 50% more than previously planned. (photo: KOMO News)

7am hour -- GUEST: Tacoma Schools spokesman, Dan Voelpel, responds to questions about why the district isn't pursuing a court order to declare the 7 day teachers' strike illegal, also Carlson says most Tacoma families probably don't know how well teachers are compensated at this point during the strike, Hurricane Florence is downgraded but officials are warning the impact of water and flooding will still be catastrophic,

one North Carolina man plans to ride out hurricane in his sailboat, GUEST: Seattle Port Commissioner Peter Steinbrueck attempts to explain why a new SeaTac Airport international terminal is going to cost almost $1 billion to build (and why its almost a year behind schedule).

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