CarlsonCast Sept14--7am hour

Hurricane Florence washaway road AP013.jpg
In this photo provided by Jordan Guthrie, wind and water from Hurricane Florence damages the highway leading off Harkers Island, N.C. on Friday, Sept. 14, 2018. (Jordan Guthrie via AP)

7am hour -- some final thoughts on the Lynnwood business owner who received minority business owner status from state of WA, Hurricane Florence coverage with GUEST ABC's Jim Ryan in Wilmington, NC says there should be future changes to how such hurricanes are categorized rather than using Categories 1-5,

FEMA has posted this website to dispel and clarify Hurricane Florence rumors , Sen. Diane Feinstein shows her shameless and desperately sleazy attempt to besmirch Brett Kavanaugh, GUEST: WPC's Todd Myers tackles two recent news items regarding I-1631 carbon tax vote and dismantling hyrdo-electric dams, GUEST: Sharyl Attkisson unveils new report seeking clarity/accuracy o crimes related to illegal aliens/illegal immigration

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