CarlsonCast Sept.20--6am hour

jeff sessions portland protest KATU 01.jpg
Protesters in Portland, OR gather to complain about U.S. Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, who speaks there about cutting federal funding to so-called Sanctuary Cities. Notice the protester sign in the background which says "Fight Trumpism with Socialism".  (photo: KATU News).

6am hour -- an ABC News "reporter" just spewed some serious bias about Trump and the U.N. speech, Trump devastates the Bernie Sanders wing of the Democrats with his U.N. speech comment about socialism, Pres. Trump vs. KY Sen. Rand Paul on the Senate's "Graham-Cassidy" health care reform plan, John explains the Trump Vs. Paul feud from both sides,

another notable Hollywood performer says political correctness is killing comedy, heart breaking stories from the Mexico City earthquake keep pouring in, a coach tells his Pee Wee football players (8yrs old) to take a knee for national anthem before their game last weekend, US AG Jeff Sessions goes to Portland OR to tell their politicians he still intends to cut funding if they remain a Sanctuary City.

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