CarlsonCast Sept.22--7am hour

Evergreen State College 4285f46ead10b13dd9ef2bd1cf873275.jpg
Newly unveiled  e-mails portray an even more disturbing atmosphere at Evergreen State College amid the threats, intimidation and protests against professor Bret Weinstein this year. 

7am hour -- more reaction to the wiretapping timeline in the Paul Manafort investigation, Evergreen State professor e-mails are uncovered relating to this year's tense protests against Bret Weinstein, the e-mails are explosive,

a new survey shows that Seattle's political landscape has been transformed by millenials who have just moved to the Seattle area bringing a seismic shift from long term residents, an African-American young woman explains why her college experience transformed her into being a political conservative (rather than an indoctrinated progressive sycophant), a Republican state lawmaker says the latest tax revenue windfall news is a reason to cut taxes via Olympia legislature, Democrats resist the Republican state lawmaker's tax rebate idea.

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