CarlsonCast Sept.29--7am hour

MAGA Trump hat PIXLR.jpg
A MAGA hat just like this one caused a hyperbolic dust-up at a California University. KVI's John Carlson plays some of the audio of the confrontation. (photo: KVI Staff). 

7am hour -- the band Loverboy pulls a fan out of the crowd to sing on stage after their singer is ill at a concert in Everett, will Seattle news media pick-up the angle of so many game tickets up for sale right now?, an ungrateful librarian calls FLOTUS contribution of Dr. Suess books racist propaganda for an elementary school library, a MAGA hat at a California university sends a female Latina student into a tirade, GUEST: Full Measure host, Sharyl Attkisson, previews an exclusive story she calls "Confessions From The Swap" about the quid pro quo of money and special interests in Congress.

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