"And Another Thing (Championship Podcast)" July29, 2019

A homeless man begging in Lacey WA pictured in this file photo. KVI's John Carlson discusses a new strategy in Lacey being used to decipher which homeless people are really read to accept help versus the homeless people who want to live outside the law and continue to consume drugs. (photo: KOMO News)

Lacey WA considering a savvy way to figure out which homeless people really want help versus the ones who want to live outside the law and get high on drugs, US Supreme Court rules in Pres. Trump's favor to use Pentagon funds for border wall, a comparison of border wall security between Obama and Trump Administrations, an update on the civil ruling against Ohio's Oberlin College after the school was sued for fostering a bogus claim of bigotry against privately owned cafe on the edge of campus.

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