"And Another Thing..." podcast Dec31, 2019

Sanctuary sign Burien city council 2017.jpg
A 2017 file photo of a Burien City Council hearing regarding sanctuary city policy. KVI's John Carlson interviews U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Washington, Brian Moran about his concerns on local and state sanctuary laws. (photo: KOMO News)

GUEST: US Attorney for Western District of Washington, Brian Moran, talks about his concerns regarding sanctuary policy laws protecting illegal aliens. Moran points to three recent murders in King County involving suspects who were previously adjudicated as illegal aliens, Moran shares his perspective as a former deputy prosecutor about the need for law enforcement to make a community safe, how inter-agency federal law enforcement sharing is slowed or diminished due to local sanctuary laws, Moran sees no legal justification for allowing adjudicated illegal aliens to stay in the US, addressing the pro-immigration complaint that deportation 'breaks up families', addressing the pro-immigration complaint that federal officials 'put kids in cages', a sanctuary policy counter-offer to WA A.G. Bob Ferguson regarding public safety, spill over consequences of sanctuary policy laws, Moran has spoken with crime victims harmed by illegal aliens.

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