"And Another Thing..." podcast Feb.12, 2020

KVI's John Carlson covers the new jail sentence for a repeat criminal in Seattle with over 100 convictions. (photo: KOMO News)

Seattle repeat criminal just sentenced to 6 months in jail for pulling a knife on a bar manager in Ballard, the repeat offender has over 100 convictions for assault, harassment; what are the chances this repeat criminal actually changes his ways and stops acting this way?

More bad sales news for Boeing, compare Boeing's January sales stats to what Airbus sold, 9:04 -- tighten JC's lack of focus, there was a Boeing 737 Max test flight yesterday in Seattle, four examples of news reporters committing left-wing spin & bias in the last 24 hours, one of the stories involves a new controversy from comments made four years ago about NYC's 'stop and frisk' anti-crime program by former mayor Michael Bloomberg, another involves a Russian conspiracy theory about Bloomberg's comments revealed from 4 years ago.

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