"And Another Thing..." podcast Feb.6, 2020

(AP Photo/ Evan Vucci)

John Carlson "livecasts" this morning's Pres. Trump press conference about his Senate acquittal yesterday, as we await the start of Trump's press conference we discuss a new KING 5 poll that shows some re-election vulnerability for WA Gov. Jay Inslee.

Trump begins by criticizing the impeachment process, calls out James Comey, notes the stock markets bounce up after State of The Union speech, talks about admitting when he's wrong, Trump holds up hard copy of newspaper headline proclaiming his acquittal, Trump calls the Russia hoax "bullshit", Muller testimony 'didn't work out for the other side (aka Democrats)', says Democrats wanted to 'inflict political pain' on him, Trump thanks legal team for Senate trial defense, says "corrupt" Adam Schiff made up his conversation with the Ukrainian President, Trump talks about the release of the Ukrainian phone call transcript and updates, thanks Sen. Majority Leader McConnell adding that 191 federal judges have been approved during his term, Trump adds an aside about McConnell being tough to read that draws crowd laughter, Trump revisits his comments this morning aimed at Speaker Pelosi during today's National Prayer Breakfast, praises UT Sen. Mike Lee and criticizes Sen. Mitt Romney, says Pelosi and Schiff are "vicious as hell", lists Hunter Biden's alleged transgressions, segues into opportunity cost of impeachment for Democrats, says Republican House Leader Kevin McCarthy will be Speaker of the House because of acquittal coming back to bite Democrats.

Carlson assess Trump's comments and adds that after Democrats tried to destroy Trump, Trump will be motivated to get Republicans back in control of the House. We end on a prediction about what will happen in Congress if Trump and Pelosi's hostilities continue.

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