"And Another Thing..." podcast Jan10, 2020

Gov. Jay Inslee at a Jan. 9, 2020 press conference where he verbally tangled with $30 car tabs sponsor, Tim Eyman. KVI's John Carlson notes that the verbal exchange is emblematic of new polling data that shows Inslee's approval rating is down to 40% in Washington. (photo: KOMO News)

Gov. Jay Inslee and $30 car tabs sponsor have a contentious stand-off at an Olympia press conference, Inslee makes a wise-crack about Tim Eyman stealing a chair in the middle of the press availability, the surly comment by Inslee relates to new statewide polling that shows his approval rating is dropping as he enters the 2020 election campaign, it looks like Inslee's egotistical Presidential campaign has damaged his approval rating in WA, 33% of WA voters think homelessness is the biggest priority for the WA Legislature (which begins its next session on Monday), a Republican State Senator says its time to end the fee (currently known as The Discovery Pass) you're required to pay to enter any state park, how one Ohio city is learning from their mistakes about homelessness.

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