"And Another Thing..." podcast June25, 2019

Pete Holmes KOMO Screen PIXLR.jpg
Seattle City Attorney, Pete Holmes, announces he's suing fossil fuel companies because of environmental impact yet he allows all the environmental damage connected to his refusal to seriously prosecute repeat criminal offenders connected to Seattle's homeless/drug addiction crisis. (photo: KOMO screen grab)

Seattle's City Attorney steps up to fight Big Oil rather than drug vagrant repeat criminals fueling the homeless problem, applying the tiniest amount of logic to Holmes justification for his Big Oil lawsuit, the discovery of a "Fire Pete Holmes" sign in Seattle, Sonics legend Lenny Wilkens stepping down from his charity efforts helping children's families pay for uncompensated care (in Seattle), the selfless legacy of the NBA Hall of Famer for the last 60 years, a Massachusetts 23 yr old driver suspected of killing 7 motorcycle riders in various (DUI) crashes.

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