"And Another Thing..." podcast March18, 2020

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In lieu of the post show podcast, KVI presents a pair of stories related to COVID-19 cleanliness and politics. (photo: KVI Staff)

Due to the live coverage of Pres. Trump's daily COVID-19 press briefing at the end of John Carlson's show today there won't be a full post-show podcast but we do have a news story about COVID-19 in the place of today's podcast. KOMO News reported the finds of a new study calculating the life-span of the virus on various surfaces. The report shows that COVID-19 can live for up to three days on plastic and steel surfaces. It can live for 24 hours on card board surfaces. To hear KOMO's coverage of the story, click the image above.

For the NIH report on the research, click here.

The study underscores the need to continually clean surfaces to prevent the spread of (and infection from) COVID-19.

Bonus content: now is the urgent time for America to reduce its economic outsourcing to China, how COVID-19 may be the turning point against China and globalization.

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