"And Another Thing..." podcast March19, 2020

Volunteers at Providence St. Joseph Health in Tacoma WA began churning out homemade PPE equipment to supply nurses, doctors and hospital staff handling COVID-19 patients.{ } They spent much of Tuesday constructing face shields and surgical masks that will stand up to the rigors of this deadly disease. (photo: KOMO News)

Producer Phil's Costa Rica trip is off (next month) after their country orders 1-month shutdown of incoming tourists, Costa Rica's economy is virtually all driven by tourism (plus coffee exports), the WA/BC border shutdown to combat COVID 19 takes form.

How China, Italy, Iran and US compare with their COVID death rates over the last 10 days.

Volunteers in Georgia (that's the US, not the former Soviet republic) join up to stitch protective coverings for medical masks which are in short supply for nurses/doctors treating COVID-19 patients, why doesn't the US have a strategic medical mask supply set aside for a viral pandemic like COVID-19 or other corona virus? Bonus story: volunteers in WA are also building extra PPE masks for nurses and docs who are running out of such supplies right now.

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