"And Another Thing..." podcast March9, 2020

Presidential candidate Joe Biden, pictured here in a 2019 file photo,{ } blurts out another verbal gaffe on the campaign trail over the weekend. KVI's John Carlson compares the media treatment of Biden's gaffe's to Pres. Trump's hyperbolic statements. (photo: AP )

WA primary vote deadline tomorrow, why Producer Phil is refusing to vote tomorrow, the media double-standard between Biden's numerous gaffes and Trump's hyperbole or generalized claims, Biden gaffes compared to one of your aging family members (or parents), turns out Bernie Sanders favorite Cuban literacy program was an indoctrination program reading propaganda material from the new communist regime, a female human-rights lawyer in Iran who has defended Iranian women caught removing their hijabs in public is now facing 38 yrs in prison and 148 lashes, its the harshest sentence for any human rights defender any legal experts can remember in Iran, considering this abhorrent criminal sentencing in Iran why aren't feminists protesting this female lawyer's treatment? Where's "The Squad" of Congressional women and Seattle Rep. Pramila Jayapal??

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