"And Another Thing..." podcast May29, 2019

washington legislature_senate_chamber Pinterest.jpg
KVI's John Carlson evaluates a Seattle blogger's new essay about how Washington Democrats in the State Legislature purport to help racial minorities but on issues like property tax levies they're helping white people. (file photo)

A Seattle writer/blogger (suing Seattle over its pursuit of an income tax) says the Olympia legislative session that just concluded helps white people more than the various racial minorities the Democrats purport to help, look at the use of levies and property taxes, why the teacher's unions were merely using racial minorities as a talking point related to levy rates for school funding, bike-only lanes help white males more than any other racial demographic, the origin of the term "white privilege", how multi-media presentations affect racial perception, an unexpected side-affect of the 'white privilege' mantra, there is class privilege in America how does this explain educational accomplishment(s) by racial background?

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