"And Another Thing..." podcast Nov1, 2019

John Carlson's guest on this edition of the "And Another Thing..." podcast says{ }illegal RV sewage dumping in Seattle pollutes waterways and poses a public-health hazard. (photo: KOMO News)

GUEST: SoDo BIA exec. director, Erin Goodman, joins the podcast for a follow up to last week's story about the reports of illegal sewage dumping around Seattle's shorelines coming from suspected homeless RVs. Goodman and her group are looking for answers about this issue and so far, haven't had much luck, but she reports they are urging state and local health officials to intercede in these water quality/sewage sample problems (one test had the water samples on Seattle shorelines at 300-times more than the state accepted level of contamination). Here's the original story regarding the illegal dumping of sewage connect to such RVs in SoDo and Ballard neighborhoods of Seattle.

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