"And Another Thing..." podcast Nov13, 2019

Pictured here, a meme satirizing the state of 21st century "journalism". KVI's John Carlson--not pictured here-- presents two stories about the fundamental problems facing the future of journalism as exemplified by two prominent university newspapers.{ }

Journalism standards in America take another big hit after what happened at the campus of prestigious Northwestern University near Chicago, the Northwestern student newspaper apologized for its coverage of a former Republican US Attorney General speaking on campus, the apology is another prime example of the 'safe space' mentality on college campuses, Northwestern U. has one of the most prestigious journalism schools in all of America, a Harvard U. student newspaper is under fire for a similar reporting situation involving the abolition of U.S. ICE (Immigrations and Customs), the only person who stood up for the objectivity of journalism on the Harvard campus speaks out.

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