"And Another Thing..." podcast Nov7, 2019

Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist, Bill Gates, pumps the breaks on "wealth tax" plans being advocated by several 2020 Democratic presidential candidates. KVI's John Carlson listens to Gates latest answers about taxing the rich and why Gates is still skeptical about the Democrats running to challenge Trump in 2020. (AP file photo)

An Alex P. Keaton TV moment to start the podcast, Bill Gates shows some skepticism of the 'wealth tax' plans being pitched by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, some of Gates's answers about 'taxing the rich' are very revealing, Gates doesn't appear to be in a hurry to endorse any of the three leading Democratic candidates over Trump, for all the attention on Amazon for PAC contributions in the Seattle City Council race take a listen to the labor-union PAC that was propping up the socialist candidates, the labor-union PAC is advocating open socialism (From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs).

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