"And Another Thing..." podcast Oct28, 2019

CO2 emissions and climate change concerns about fossil fuels are the angle to a New York Post news column about the two fatal crashes of{ } Boeing 737 Max jets. KVI's John Carlson examines the theory that fuel efficiency improvements on the Boeing 737 Max jet prompted changes that required the software program to prevent the 737 Max's nose from pitching forward--all in the pursuit of efforts to lower carbon emissions on the popular top selling jet plane. (file photo: Associated Press)

Follow-up on the homeless policy face-off between TX governor and Austin's mayor, let's start with the latest comments from the Austin mayor, compare Austin's homeless problems to the relative lack of problems in TX's biggest city--Dallas, NY Post columnist asks if Boeing 737 design that led to a pair of fatal crashes was connected to climate change concerns regarding CO2 emissions of jet planes, bigger engines for the 737 Max and their placement on the wing to achieve lower carbon emissions prompted a software program to prevent the nose from pitching forward.

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