"And Another Thing..." podcast Oct29, 2019


Transportation officials closed one lane on Seattle's Aurora Bridge after deterioration was found on a steel beam known as a "stringer".{ }The Washington State Department of Transportation says there's no timeline for when the lane will be back open. This isn't your ordinary fix, according to WSDOT bridge engineer Mark Gaines. “It’s really challenging from a construction standpoint,” he said.

Now a conspiracy theory is emerging that the lane closure is connected to the vote next week (Nov. 5th general election ballot) on $30 car tabs known as I-976.{ } (photo: KOMO News)

The irony of the "No" on I-976 --requiring $30 car tabs-- spending 50X more money on the campaign than the "yes" on I-976 supporters, a KOMO TV viewer asks if the sudden lane closure on the Aurora Bridge is on purpose to influence voters into voting against the $30 car tabs measure (i.e. the bogus narrative a 'no' vote will jeopardize money to maintain bridges and roads), a pair of taco truck owners push back on the activist community who demanded boycotts of their taco truck(s) after they sold food outside an (ICE) federal detention facility in upstate NY.

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