"And Another Thing..." podcast Oct4, 2019

A groundbreaking ceremony near the Old Soldiers Home in Orting, WA which will be known as the Orting Veterans Village. It is 35 tiny homes for veterans only. The new tiny home village is intended to help homeless veterans get shelter. (photo: KOMO News)

A "Taxpayer's Bill of Rights" just passed in Snohomish County, GUEST: Snohomish County Councilmember Brian Sullivan authored the taxpayer protections and he explains why the council's making it easier for homeowners and property-tax payers to challenge the cost of their assessed values, also what Snohomish County needs to do with the two-gram drug possession rule influencing opiod addiction, crime and homelessness problems, and speaking of homelessness...homeless military veterans will be the first tenants at a tiny home village in Orting, WA.

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