"And Another Thing..." podcast Sept11, 2019

The infamous freeze frame of Speaker Nancy Pelosi looking askance at Pres. Trump during the 2019 State of the Union Speech. KVI's John Carlson analyzes the new polling data that Democrats have lost a significant 'favorability' edge over Democrats since the 2018 mid-term Congressional election and what that means for Democrats as they try to win the 2020 Presidential election (photo: ANDREW HARNIK • ASSOCIATED PRESS)

An alleged gang shooting in Tacoma spurs questions about increasing gang violence, the Tacoma case involves a 17-year-old suspect and a 19-year-old shooting victim, new polling shows Democrats are squandering their chance to vanquish Trump, in one year Democrats have lost their 11 point favorability edge against Republicans, what Democrats did wrong over the last year to lose this decisive edge against Trump.

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