"And Another Thing..." podcast Sept18, 2019

ABC News screen grab of a leaked US Navy video that the Navy is now confirming as a UFO, or to be more specific, an Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.{ }

US Navy confirms series videos involving UFOs captured on camera by airborne pilots, the videos weren't Top Secret or classified but they never should have been leaked, one video was recorded off the coast of California, aerial maneuvers in the videos are not possible with current aviation technology including hovering and VTOL flight, the leaked UFO videos raise the question about believing in extra-terrestrial life, speaking of extra-terrestrial life consider what happened to Peruvians who got too close to a meteorite crater in the Andes. Lastly, a one-time tackle football player who bounced around both CFL and NFL now accused of hoax hate crime report (and insurance fraud) at his Georgia restaurant.

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