CarlsonCast April29--6am hour


Four people were killed when this construction tower crane fell from atop a building under construction on the new Google Seattle campus in the South Lake Union neighborhood.

According to the Seattle Fire Department, two workers in the cab of the crane were killed and two people in cars died on Mercer Street. (KOMO News)

6am hour -- GUEST: St. Sen. Doug Ericksen (R-Ferndale) discusses the just concluded WA Legislative session and the $7 billion worth of tax hikes that were enacted by Democrats over the weekend, even the Seattle Times report about the Legislative session is off in it's calculations about $7 billion in taxes, one law just passed will tax your earnings for a state-run long-term health care bureaucracy, another law just passed was introduced on the 2nd to last day of the Legislative session (so how's that for transparency?).

Two of the four people killed in Seattle tower crane collapse were iron workers who were also US Marine Corps veterans, video of the crane collapse has emerged,

GUEST: ABC's Alex Stone covering the Poway CA fatal synagogue shooting that killed one female worshipper, the 19 year-old murder suspect was caught and appears to have been quickly radicalized, a Lynnwood WA man who rushed in to help victims of the crane collapse talks about helping one university student who perished, KVI's Lars Larson points out how Democrats in the WA Legislature jammed through controversial issues at the last minute with less media scrutiny, a Seattle Times reporter mis-portrays what happened with the I-1000 vote in the Senate yesterday.

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