CarlsonCast April29--7am hour

I-1000 final vote protesters PIXLR.jpg
Opponents of I-1000, which was approved by the Washington Legislature with a Senate vote of 26-22 (1 excused), express their views on the final day of the 2019 Legislative session in Olympia, WA. I-1000 will reverse a voter approved law, I-200 which had banned affirmative action and racial preferences in university admissions as well as state hiring and contracting. (Photo: KOMO News).{ }

7am hour -- I-1000 passes by the WA Legislature which means it will not be considered for a statewide vote, I-1000 reverses a previous I-200 voter approved initiative to prevent racial background being a factor for college admissions and state contracts, what happened in 1992 with the governor's election that could happen again in the next election for WA, noted UW climate scientist tries to document wind speeds if indeed that becomes a factor in the fatal crane collapse, GUEST: organizer of Washington Asians for Equality, Linda Yang, is in Olympia this morning to file an initiative to reverse what WA Legislature just passed regarding I-1000.

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